Payments to the Wither shop is a payment for the digital items contained in the purchase. This purchase is final and there are no refunds. If you are banned for breaking the rules on Wither , you will not be refunded. Bans are subject to the full discretion of the Wither staff. There is no guarantee on being able to enter the server, and if the server is no longer operated the digital items are forfeit. Refund requests due to issues concerning changes, lag, bugs, or any other issues are subject to the discretion of the Wither staff. Filing a charge-back or opening a dispute will result in an automatic ban from the server and the shop. All items are digital and have no value. The digital items are provided immediately to your account and by accessing the digital items on Wither , you waive your right of withdrawal or refund.

Wither is in no way affiliated with Mojang Studios. Nor should it be considered endorsed by Mojang Studios. Any purchases made on this shop goes to Wither .